How-to-Do Girls: Bikini Calculus

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How-to-Do Girls tackle that notorious freshman weeder class. Playboy model, Jaime Lynn, and MIT Nuclear Engineering Graduate, Paige, use more than the black board to teach that perennial hardcore college subject, calculus. Paige & Jaime Lynn as your math teaching assistant give a whole new meaning to TA.

Bikini Calculus is entertainment but its also a real calculus tutorial. As a tutorial it helps students understand and remember the basic rules of calculus. Each rule is presented with a memory association. Remembering the rules help you get started but you still need to practice to become good at doing it.

The DVD includes:

  • Intro to Bikini Calculus -- overview of the concept of calculus

    Jaime Lynn gives calculus help introducing the basic principals in this tutorial. Girls in bikinis + calculus? See for yourself.

  • Prerequisites -- some things you should learn before you try calculus

    Jaime Lynn & Paige teach the easiest way to do it in episode 2 of 12.

  • Constant Rule -- the easiest way to do it
  • Power Rule -- the all purpose get the job done rule
  • Constant Multiple Rule -- what to do with extra stuff
  • Addition Rule -- doing more than one term
  • Product Rule -- I can't separate them, what do I do now?
  • Quotient Rule -- over, under, sideways, down
  • Reciprocal Rule -- guys, pay attention to this
  • Exponential Rule -- looks like the power rule but not quite
  • Logarithm -- knock knock knock
  • Trigonometric Functions -- I'll always remember
  • Chain Rule -- everyone's favorite
  • Paige Behind the Scenes -- Jacuzzi & pizza interview, on the set
  • Jaime Lynn Behind the Scenes -- Jaime Lynn talks about dreams, Shoot Shoot Music Video, on the set
  • Bloopers -- oops, do it again
  • Extras -- short funny clips, photo galleries

Buy Bikini Calculus DVD for $9.95 + S&H
Save $3 off Amazon